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Project #2 of a class

Posted by Dianette "Jany" Seda en 5 septiembre 2008

Isn’t this mini coaster book just gorgeous? We used the Penelope paper collection with the Kraft cardstock and the Linear Sentiments stamp as well as two others I don’t remember. We had the chance to try the BIA too! I’ve been convincing myself that I don’t need one but every time I see a new project with it I see myself hardpressed to add it in my next order. Let’s wait to see if I do. lol.

Thanks for reading,

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8 comentarios to “Project #2 of a class”

  1. NancyK said

    Hi Jany – My BIA sat in the box for a month before I took it out! I love this little machine – it makes it so easy to make little books. I love yours – that “thanks” stamp is lovely!

  2. Heather said

    beautiful book Jany! you will not regret the investment in a BIA – it is worth every DIME!

  3. Vicki said

    These projects are great, can’t wait to see #3! I bet you had SO much fun!

  4. Sarah said

    This project is beautiful! I love the Penelope paper!!

    Sarah G.

  5. nic_d said

    Very cute project! I’m sure this was a hit at your workshop.

  6. Laurie Unger said

    Great project! I really like how this turned out!

  7. The Rubber Maid said

    Yes this is a really nice project. Pat

  8. Hope said

    Oh, I really like this one! This coaster book is really cute!


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