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Not a card to share!

Posted by Dianette "Jany" Seda en 23 septiembre 2008

Yes, you read it right. I’ve gotten great cards from others, I just haven’t photographed them yet. AND I’ve been busy with my new toys!!!

Yes, you read it well. I’ve been restraining me some but finally this month (when my bday is just around the corner) I’m getting my latest buys (and they might be the last for a LONG WHILE, later I’ll mention why).

Here are my latest stamps:

1.  How Swell!    I just love this stamp! It is designed by Mabelle R.O. who is designer for TAC and has gorgeous stamps in the current fall supplement. I like that I can even alter it in many ways like changing the purse in one of them, adding the purse inside the card as decoration, between other options. I even saw it in the catalogue with paper piecing.

2.  Spanish Sentiments    Ohhhh my favorite!!!! Yes, my favorite! That is the best inversion I’ve done up to date. I can now sell my cards in my own country! Yes!!!!
3.  Happy Trails   A while back I did a card with our Rustic Chic paper and it was just great!  Now I have another stamp to create masculine cards. It too has details I can add to the inside of the card. And I saw a card done with it and Zindorf techniques that I was in awe! Here is the card I saw, so you can enjoy it too! And here is yet another great one!
4.  Peek-a-boo   Is a great set to make baby cards. I didn’t have any and my dad needed one for his godchild. I found some printed images but it wasn’t the same as when I stamp them. So, here is a great set I was able to buy.
5.  Running Stitches   I do like real stitches, but I like to be able to make quick cards too. So, I ordered this set (after trying another companie’s and liking it), to meet my needs.
6.  Ice Cream   Did you see the stunning card I did for Dutch Dare Cardchallenges a while back? Well, I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t like this set at all when first I saw it. But I wanted to try it out and another angel sent it to me. After being able to play with it, I fell in love (mostly with the ice creams), and I needed to have it!

7.  Sweet Skunks  After Christina (inkmistress) sent me some stamped images, I couldn’t help myself. I needed to have it!!! I just needed. Aren’t they cute?

8.  Playful Kitties   I love cats and I needed to have this stamp set. Diana was kind and stamped some before I was able to buy it.
9. Sweet Swirls  As you might have noticed, I like some twisted fun! So, this set was just perfect! I LOVE them for more private pics I couldn’t even dream of sharing in my blog. lol. But at least not so bad as to send to Walgreens, lol. Naahhhh you’ve seen some of them.
10.  And then, you might have seen the Fall in love with sydney offer? I didn’t fell in love with these papers until I was able to use them in Diana’s home in the class/fun shop she had. I already unmounted the circles and was thrilled to see that one of those circles goes in the lid and fit perfectly!!! Love the stamps too! Just perfect for scrapbooking.

Then you add the gift with purchases and the Hostess level A and B stamps (remember we have doubles this month) and you see that I got A LOT!!! Ohhh and I bought the skin tones pencils and the other flower punch we carry so I can keep doing the double flower. I just can’t stop smiling!

NOW, THE OTHER REASON I DON’T HAVE CARDS TO SHARE…I decided to loose some weight and started a new diet. This time I’m doing it through Jenny Craig. I signed up for their lose 20 pounds per $20 first to see how it goes. Well, the first days it was horrible! I was hungry all the time. I couldn’t concentrate in anything. I am thankful that I had a few things to share and scheduled some entries. Well, I’ll keep you updated as soon as I reach the week and go to the meeting.

Thanks for reading,

Your TAC Demo

Una respuesta to “Not a card to share!”

  1. Kanani said

    I like the How Swell Stamps. You have a lot of fun stuff to play with!


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