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My best Bday in years!!!!

Posted by Dianette "Jany" Seda en 8 octubre 2008

How in the world I wouldn’t love the wonderful man that makes my days brighter and my smile genuine? Yesterday was my bday and for years I’ve get depressed that day. To the point where I don’t even want to answer the phone. This year tho, was very different. He sent me a text message in the morning for me to be able to oversleep some. Then he called me. He wasn’t feeling good at all but he gave me the best bday present ever! Money to buy THE STAMPS I wanted from Switzerland and sweet words for my bday.

My dad was very special too. It’s been years since I didn’t celebrate with him and I went to my dad’s on Monday and slept there so we would be together a few minutes in the morning before going to work. He put in the radio a bday song “cassette” (yup, you read right, not a cd, a cassette) and he smiled all morning and sang Happy Bday in Spanish and later on in English too. He gave me money too and I used part for more scrapbooking supplies but I will use the rest for my diet this week. I got many calls and many cards too. The first I’ll show is Martin’s and it’s special message, then all which came all around the world!!!! I just need to Thank each girl who sent me a special bday card.

Inside it says: “Hoy quiero que sepas que en el lugar dentro de mi corazóm donde guardo lo que más valoro y aprecio, están los momentos que hemos compartido y la alegría que das a mi vida – En ese lugar de mi corazón estás tú. Feliz Cumpleaños”. Which translate to something like this: “Today I want you to know that in the place inside my heart where I store what I value and appreciate the most, there are the moments we’ve shared and the happyness you bring into my life- In that place of my heart, are you. Happy Birthday”. I know it is what it was printed into the card, but he chose that one specially for me and that is what counts when he isn’t a romantic. And the part I want to share from what he wrote says: “Espero que con cada nuevo año veas la vida de una forma mas positiva y madurez. Este regalo es bien práctico y tiene un nombre “STAMPS”. In English it says: “I hope that with every year you see the life in a more possitive way and mature. This gift is practical and has a name “STAMPS””. You bet that I went online to look for the stamps I wanted. I bought them right away and paid with paypal (it was really late and he will deposit them into my account early today).
Now, to share all the others. I don’t have the names right now and I’ve been online too long. Here are the cards and I’ll thank each gal personally.
This one is really nice! I love the pockets, the dry embossed words inside, and her message. It is a really nice card! Ok, I’ll take my cards better, I feel bad not adding at least their names. this one came from Elvy from Holland. I don’t have an address nor anything else from her, but it is a great card, trully, it is filled with details!
This one arrived last week from US. It was from Anita Griffin I love the message inside! “Growing old is mandatory… Growing up is optional” Chili Davis. It is SO TRUE! I really like how she place velum in the top of the image and it is so really nice!!!!
The one in the left came accompanied of a stamped image (the same she used in the front) and came all the way from the Netherlands. It was from Nel Van Noorloos and I could almost read it easy. I think I’m starting to learn Holland language. lol. Really like her color combo! The one from the right came from Ria Bos from Netherlands too. Beautiful composition since I love cats and it was 3D.
The one in the left came from Maria Matter from Pensylvannia. Love the beautiful colors and her Lay out. The one in the right came from Rosanne in Canada. Great colors and the card is cheery too.
This one that I left for last was the first to arrive last week. I love all about it because it is different. I love all my bday cards but certainly, you don’t get an 8X8 card everyday and her calligraphy is just excellent! I’m talking about Linda Wright in UK!
Really lovely cards everyone! I just thank each and every one of you for making this year so special. One that I’ll never forget!

Thanks for reading,

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4 comentarios to “My best Bday in years!!!!”

  1. inkmistress said

    Happy Birthday Jany!

    I’m glad you had a wonderful day and got so many new stamps and stuff! Time with your Dad must have been very special too!


  2. Percy said


    Happy Birthday! It seems to be you had a great day, and lots of fun gifts!!! Enjoy all of them!


  3. Hope said

    Happy Birthday!

    Sounds like you had a great day and all the cards you received are beautiful.

  4. Hope said

    Jany, Happy Birthday!

    Sounds like you had a great day and the cards you received are all beautiful too


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