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Look at what took me away from crafting

Posted by Dianette "Jany" Seda en 7 noviembre 2008

Okay, here you have me sharing with you some pics. Those were authorized to place in here. Actually, it was almost ordered to do so. Ever since Martin and I started dating we’ve been talking about how he could improve the looks of his rented apartment. He’ve been living there for 13 years and since the owner died and left in charge his wife and son, nothing else was done for it. Not that the first owner did much since in a hurricane two window panes were gone and they let him buy some Cristal panes for $50 and installed them. Nothing else and that was several years ago. He lived there with two women and now I go once in a while and stay there. So, that means that it had only 2 “feminine influences” before me. Believe me, his apartment was a complete mess even if he did the best he could. He didn’t keep any floral pattern in his bed sheets. But all the rest is another story.

To put his apartment in shape he installed when he moved, a carpet. A blue one. In 13 years it has get loose with furniture being moved carelessly over it. He painted the apartment in yellow to give it an aparience of it being bigger but in an oposite wall (another time I’ll show you) is a mural in dark tones with a view of New York with the “twin towers” that are non existent at the present. There is another color in the low part of the floor that used to be tiles And there are these squares of mirrors under half of the wall (maybe a litte more) where the mismatched windows are. There are some vertical courtains that we will be working with later since they are non functional and placed one over the other if that is a way to explain it. It is full of furniture too big for it and I’m trying to help him out with that but I’m banned of touching his sofa. SOOOOO, I am working with the sofa. LOL.

Not to bore you with all the details in how mismatched the apartment originally was, I’m showing you what colors inspired him to finally buy the paint we’ve been talking about for a year (we’ve been dating for about two years and we’ve been friends a little longer). Here is the card that inspired him. He has a beautiful rug bought in Afganistan from when he worked there in the Air Force and the palette I’m trying to apply is: ivory, brown, blue (because he don’t want to part with that color) and metallic/stainless steel/silver. Think that we’re not marrying those colors exclusively but adding some matching touches to liven up the room. We want to keep it neutral/masculine. I feel comfortable with the new decoration, I’m not too feminine and I have a home of my own to make feminine. lol.

They matchec the cream/ivory perfectly, but used the cognac palette ink as reference for the background color. It is not exactly brown and it is not exactly orange. That’s why I choose cognac to distress. Well, the main idea was to paint in ivory and sponge in the other color (that looks like orange) but reading and looking for options, I found that using the darker color as background makes it looks better. I did a try in another surface and we liked better with the dark background.

Here is how the apartment looked when we moved all the furniture against two of the walls. We didn’t even finished these two walls because of all the time the things had been in the same place (a lot of dirt behind the furniture, etc)

For our NOT SO NICE SURPRISE the farther wall (the one with the border) had the paint loose everywhere. He got frantic, so I had some fun and later not so much fun getting all the paint off that wall. That took us much precious time.

Here is how it looked like when I was almost done. Martin helped me with the top, cutting in the junction with the other wall that was almost halfway painted (didn’t want to loose much more time or we wouldn’t have where to sleep). My arms are in pain even today (that was on election day) and I’ve taken pills to diminish the muscle ache and inflamation.

Here you can see Martin making the sponging in the top area. I did the lower part but we need to retouch it later (might be next week that he works and I’ll be home, this weekend I’ll craft in my own home) because by then it was almost 7pm. The ceiling light is not good to work with. You can see the base paint that is a dark orange almost brownish.

Now, after we moved the furniture and put everything in its place (well, almost everything) I decided to place the only things that would go into the wall. We removed a lot of misplaced hangers and stuff since when I got there he had a lot of things over every wall. The kitchen that is pretty small had over 30 pieces of fruits and vegetables thingys all over. Take into consideration that we’re in a budget. So, we can’t make big things (and he had landlords who don’t want to pay for drastic changes like changing the windows for functional ones, etc). That thing you see black is a piece of cloth he bought in Afganistan too. The image is beautiful is the face of a woman covered and with details in an orange matching the wall. In the bottom is like a campament or something like that in front of a beach. Everything is subtle and doesn’t photograph well.

This is a close up before we put the light switch cover. The image in the drawing is better but not much. I will be adding more pics when we work some more pics. We didn’t finish the wall and we might not have enough time to finish up what we started but as soon as we have another weekend off together, we’ll be working this out. We’re changing the bathroom windows soon since the owner authorized it yesterday.

Thanks for reading,

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5 comentarios to “Look at what took me away from crafting”

  1. Bridgett said

    Wow, girl! Can you come to my house and decorate mine? You did an amazing job! I love the colors and the sponge job on the walls. The decor is beautiful! Awesome work and hope your muscles will relax and not hurt you too much!

  2. Cheryl said

    Your painting looks FANTASTIC! Lucky girl! My hubby would never help with that(even if it was his place!)

  3. The Rubber Maid said

    Looks like you really had your work cut out for you but the end result was worth it. Nice going. Pat

  4. Juliann said

    Wow lots of work! It looks great, hope you both are well rested!
    Fresh paint is always a pick-me-up!
    Have a great week!

    btw, I have a new blog cuz I accidentally deleted my old one {{gasp}},
    here it is:

  5. Karin said

    Wauw, your hard work paid of.
    It really looks great. I love the colour of the wall.

    xoxo karin

    PS: hop overto my blog, you’ve been tagged!!!


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