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A Scrapbook LO and what’s in for 2009

Posted by Dianette "Jany" Seda en 16 noviembre 2008

Here’s a page I created this Friday. I went to pagemaps and looked for a LO for my two 4X6 pics and my 8X10. I love that size but because of the price I don’t usually buy pics in that one. I had a coupon for a free one with my regular order so I used it (not a bad idea, right?). I did change it some because I couldn’t find that many flowers which coordinated with my paper and since I use my LO’s inside an album, I can’t divide embellishments up as the LO required.

This image is from Page maps. I even copied the location for it to be included here.

Here’s my take in the LO from above.

Here’s a closeup from the page in the left. I really like for the left page to be the one with the pics since we naturally tend to look first the page in the right (learned that in communication classes in college). So, the most important stuff is almost always in the right side. That’s usually why companies tend to buy space in right pages instead of left in magazines and newspapers.

This is a close up of the right page. I wasn’t about to include the little gems in it but I really liked that of the LO. I didn’t have that many flowers either. Not to coordinate with the paper, I mean. So I threw a line with my gel pen but didn’t like the result. Hard decisions because this was the only Bazzil piece of cardstock I own in this color. Then I wanted my right size to coordinate with the left (the colors are different in both pages) so I decided to add those strips of paper to encase my journaling (you bet I do love to write, by my entries, did you have any doubt?). Then I remembered these little gems I bought about a year ago with a purpose and then never used except once and it didn’t look as I expected.

These little gems have a meaning besides the journaling. AND it does compliment my journaling in a way. First of all, Martin, the man who’s with me and of whom you’ve read so much, is a real treasure for me. I’ve lost the desire to live when I met him. I was surviving day by day and only that. I never saw him like anything besides a friend. He had some personal problems and I was there to hear him out. After months of chatting and him inviting me out and I telling no, the day to go out came. He invited me to a place I wouldn’t dare say NO! I couldn’t afford it (financially) and I love it’s food. So, we went to eat and our meeting there and later like 2 hours chatting in the parking (BEFORE YOU ASK, NO THERE WASN’T MAGIC KISSES OR ANYTHING) we parted and he gave me a little something he bought for me in Afganistan.

Afterwards we went out a few times. One of them I needed to break my own primary rule, no men near my house. I live side-to-side with my granny, and they let me live there while I didn’t bring any man to the house. I lived by that rule for so many years that they thought I was a lesbian because I only invited girls. DUH! LOL. I might be boring you. I’m so sorry. Thing is that he needed to pick me up because I left my car outside and in it I had the keys to the gates but when I went home, my grandparents were there and I crossed through my grandparents house. I noticed when he called to say he was about 15 minutes from where we were to meet. That is about the distance I live from the place. It is almost an hour drive to his home so I didn’t dare tell him I wouldn’t go there. From that day destiny has had us together and almost two years later we still are together.

He’ve picked me up in his arms (not literally) when I’ve fallen into depression and last time was a few weeks ago. My relationship with my mother is not the best. I haven’t talked to her since a few days after my bday. She did called me to congratulate herself for survivng the childbirth pain and such (her way of saying thanks for living) but she didn’t even gave me a $1 card saying so when she went to my work to pay the difference of money she owed Martin for a Hi Def TV we bought her in the Forth. Then when I talked to her, she told me “I need for Martin to check something for me in the Forth.” So, I am not important for her, or so I feel. She doesn’t care if I’m sick or healthy. And so I fell. I love her and it hurts not to feel like one has a mother. I have a few health issues that are worrying me and I have just Martin to tell. He’s worried and want me to c heck up. I’m giving it a month extra.

I need to tell that if you’re having health issues and you’re like me, depressive, please don’t read articles or anything relating your sympthoms. I read that many of the sympthoms I have are of a kind of cancer. I’m scared to find out. We’re dealing with it. I need to go to the doctor again to monitor something that came “almost wrong but might be nothing important” thing. Gems are difficult to find as are good friends. I see Martin as my BEST FRIEND and I do hope I can keep him for a very long time. That’s the secret meaning of the jewels.

And the message in here is “I delight myself in every moment spent together. Every minute with you is a new step toward discovering new horizons, new adventures that without you I wouldn’t have discovered. You’re my strenght, my equal. You’re with me for every of my needs. My friend, my kleenex, my psychology, my partner. I love you very much” (those are the TQM).

Stamps: Sweet Swirls from TAC (For the lines I used a chatterbox template from YEARS ago with my gel pens)
Paper/cardstock: Chacha paper and cardstock
Embellishments: Scrapper’s Floss, Citrus Booty loops, assorted flowers
Inks/coloring: Moulin Rouge Palette Ink, gel pens, regular pen
Techniques: None


I want to be a better blogger and even what I just showed you is a preview of what is to come in 2009. I’m working in many of these projects from now on. I want to give you a reason to visit me every day. And here is my schedule and be sure that there will be a NEW THEME every day. They might repeat but not in the same area.

Monday: Birthday Cards
Tuesday: Sketch Day (I’ll use mine for scrapbook pages but you can do anything with it!)
Wednesday: Color Combo
Thursday: Challenges from other blogs
Friday: Card Kit day
Saturday: Inspiration day (or a case it day)
Sunday: Card in a Flash!

Now, as for the details. Well, for:
Monday’s, I’ll give a theme. You can show me your cards inspired by the theme by just linking into the box I’ll provide in the entry. For example, I can say a colorful card. I’ll show you my card for the theme and I show you a card done with this paper and a doll painted in red or blue clothing and that counts. It is colorful if it has vibrant colors or if you added a hint of colors or if you just included a rainbow in it.
Tuesday’s, I’ll show you a simple sketch done by me. It might contain shapes for you to interpret or I might look for a better medium to create my sketches, I’m still working in that one. I’ll show you a scrapbook page done following it and you can make it your own by making a card instead of a LO, you can do an item adding embellishments to it and fitting the LO, the idea is for it to inspire you and for me to work in at least a page weekly.
Wednesday’s, I’ll take a patterned paper and will extract 3 up to 5 colors from the ones used in it, and I’ll do a card with those colors and NOT necessarily with the paper which inspired me. The idea is for ME to try and break out the fear to combine more than 2 colors in my designs. I did that with this LO.
Thursday’s, if you’re a visitor of mine you might know I’m part of Dutch Dare Card Challenges, well, I do cards for it I want to show you. Being so, and since I have previous notice of the themes, I’ll just take one of the challenges in other people’s blog and will show you what I did and submitted to others. IF it fits more than one, I’ll mention it too.
Friday’s, I’ll show you ONE out of 10 of the cards that you’re able to do if you buy the card kit I will be creating monthly. After this entry I’ll include the pic of part of the kit. I’m not in my home to show you and picked up my stuff last night, later than expected.
Saturday’s, I’ll show you what other’s works I like. You’ll see wonderful creations out of other people’s blogs or galleries that I love and had wanted to case and haven’t because I keep leaving it for later. You don’t have an idea of how many wonderful creations there are out there.
Sunday’s, since I’m not home, most of the time, I’ll show you a card you can have done in no time or almost if you have some things pre-done. I’ve learned to have some stuff ready just for the right ocassion. I’ll give you some hints and tips in how do I do it and it might help you out as well.

Don’t think that I’ll be inhuman and will marry with these days and projects and will not show you other things. OF course I wouldn’t. Some days I might have more than one entry. Be sure that some of these entries will be schedule. Specially Sunday’s and Saturday’s when I know I’ll not be home. BUT that way, I’ll be sure to show you something I’ve done before sending it out. And there are some special ocassions I’ll do too within these paramethers. lol. Take care and hope to have you around pretty soon!

Thanks for reading,

Your TAC Demo

2 comentarios to “A Scrapbook LO and what’s in for 2009”

  1. Laurie Unger said

    Today is Sunday and I just posted a card I created in a flash! I love the story of your gems and what Martin means to you! Very inspirational!!!! Hang on to the hope that you and your Mom will be closer one day – it takes a lot of patience and faith!

  2. Juliann said

    Love the LO your page looks great, thanks for sharing your story about you and Martin.
    Sorry that you and your Mom don’t get along, I really hope that things will smooth out.
    Keep postitive thoughts always, especially where your health is concerned. Sometime you can make yourself sick, and we wouldn’t want you to that dear.
    Take care and have a good week!


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