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Christmas Cards in a Flash

Posted by Dianette "Jany" Seda en 21 diciembre 2008

If you read my blog frequently, you might have seen this card in Tuesday’s entry. As I mentioned in that entry, I started these cards at 5:34 am without having any of the materials out. I took the idea to write down the times in a paper piece from the blog of Tammy Hershberger. Okay, here we go! Hope you keep it on with me until the end and please, leave me a comment with your opinion. I love to read what others think of my work. Oh and yes, I know it is only 2 days before Christmas Eve. BUT I wanted to share this with you!


I woke up at 5 am and did my morning routine (without breakfast so I would hurry to make these cards, I’m a little slow in the mornings). At 5:34 I was at my table staring at my never ending pile of used stuff and gathering all I would need to make my card. Here are most of my supplies but guillotine, scor pal and ATG gun. There are things I thought I would use and then didn’t, like sissors and corner rounder.

At 5:38 am I had everything gathered and the pic taken. So I decided I would cut 12 card bases 8.5 X 6 and score them at 4.25. I would have 12 square scalloped pieces of white cardstock and 12 strips of patterned paper (Amelia) in 1.5 X 4. That, I think is the most boring part of the whole process! It took me until 6 am to actually finish this task.

By then, I had killed 3 bees and had been interrupted by my cat a few times so I could feed her and she wanted to actually play. sorry for the mess in my kitchen. I don’t actually use it as kitchen and I plan to later, have some cabinets changed and store some of my stamping supplies there. I will have my china and other kitchen stuff there just in case but the rest will be mine. I have a lot of books and other stuff there because we’ve been cleaning and while we do the rest of the house, it is there. I don’t use the space anyway. There you see my daughter trying to get into the pantry to actually throw everything there into the floor and have fun.

I then stamped the sentiment and one of the main images with Palette Burnt Umber. It was already 6:10 and I needed to keep going or I would be late for work.

I did the embossing (don’t know why didn’t took that picture alone. Anyway, by 6:45 I had completed (I have an alarm to know it is time to resume whatever I’m doing because I only have about 15 minutes to start running to get ready for work and I’ll be late by then), the inking in the borders of my card and the borders of my scallops. I wanted to make my card more interesting with adding the walnut ink with the thump. I wanted it to look a little aged and different.
I added my strips of paper with my ATG gun and then used the glue dots for the scalloped squares and I was done! I did 12 cards in just an hour and 25 minutes. They were inspired by a Christmas card I did last year.
Here are my finished cards. They all look a little different but I think I like this more than the one I did last year. I then inserted them in clear envies A2 and they fitted okay. Did you know you can mail your cards in them? No extra postage necessary.
Here’s a close up of it. The same pic I showed you on Tuesday. Hope you liked this card and that you try to use new products. This was my first time using the Walnut inks. That’s why they don’t look that great. lol.
NOW! I do have a question for my readers. Do you know if I can stamp using the walnut inks? I mean using ink instead of my ink pad? That might be pretty interesting.
Supplies: This time ALL products used were bought in TAC *except the ATG gun and glue dots.
Stamps: Silhouette Naivity, Spanish Sentiments
Paper/cardstock: Ultra Smooth white cardstock, Amelia SWIC paper
Embellishments: Copper embossing powder
Inks/coloring: Palette Burnt Umber, Walnut Inks
Techniques: Heat embossing

Thanks for reading,

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5 comentarios to “Christmas Cards in a Flash”

  1. How great when you can make so many in so little time! I love cards with a religious theme! So pretty! Hope you are enjoying the season! Merry Christmas!

  2. Pat Adam said

    Love your use of the real meaning of Christmas on your card, the birth of our Lord. Very lovely of you to show the real meaning. Pat
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. Lay Hoon said

    OOh …i love the snow !!
    Cool huh !

    The cards are so pretty.

    Wish you and your little half a Merry Christmas .

    Hugs from Bahrain.

  4. Jamie said

    Hi Jany, hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Have a happy and safe New Year 🙂

  5. Great cards! I can’t believe you got that much done in that little time! That’s amazing! I hope you had a great christmas!


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