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Scrapbook Sketch #1 circles

Posted by Dianette "Jany" Seda en 6 enero 2009

As many of you know, I am working this year in having new posts each day and thematic ones at that. And besides that at adding my love for scrapbooking (which I’ve ignored quite a lot in 2008) in a more active way.

What can I tell cardmakers to convince them that scrapbooking is not as scary? NOTHING!!!! But for us, scrapbookers, who had never made cards, it is the same fear. How can I embellish a card so small when I’m used to working 12X12 pages? I have so much space and so many things to do with it!

ABOUT THE SCRAPBOOK LAYOUT CHALLENGE! This is the very first sketch I do and I suggest you save your supplies for next week, because the next one might compliment this one nicely. You might want to do a two page lay out. Total of pics I used in both Layouts: 4. YOUR Challenge! To use circles or make the impression of circular stuff in your page. You can substitute MOST circles for shapes. Yes, I did just that as you might see later. I thought that IF I use this LO for a girl page I would include flowers and would make a letter center for another flower as title. There are endless possibilities! At the bottom of this entry is a space to enter the link to your page. I will send a little something every month if people participate of my scrapbooking challenges. It might be something simple but nice for your pages.

You will be seeing MY STYLE through the year. I’m changing my way of doing some pages but my style is pretty simple. When I started scrapbooking over 10 years ago, the way to do it was SIMPLE. By then what was used were stickers and paper. WOW! It has changed. Of course I learned with Creative Memories, a company that its style is just that. But I went to local stores and bought exactly the same. I added coloring and other things but basically my style is pretty simple and clean.

I do not like to do one or two pages per theme. So, in that I might not be like US people. MY way of doing it is pages filled with journaling and bits and pieces that reflects me. I like to do full albums per topic but don’t have as yet that many albums filled in. You will see what I like and dislike most in my pages. There are pages I don’t feel as happy with. There are pages that I feel are missing a little something. But before this post came live I had solved the title of my page. My new cricut arrived and I just used it for the title even if nothing else for over a week. Today I’m going to play more with it.

And just now that I uploaded the pic I notice that it's year is incorrect. lol.

And just now that I uploaded the pic I notice that it's year is incorrect. lol.

These pictures were taken by 2007. Yeah, I know, I delayed over a year to scrap them. To my defense… I worked this page in December 7th 2008. I prescheduled these entries because here is Three Kings Day today and because I want my 2009 starting smoothly. I will be editing my entries so you have sneak peaks of my real life. 😉

I used Cardstock blue for the base (it is from a pack found in Walmart). I don’t use expensive cardstock for my scrapbook pages because I add many other things that will strenghten my page and because most of them are too thick and then it would bulk my album too fast. The paper is a gift (RAK) from Stacy Rogers, a dear friend from Paper Wings who I trully appreciate. I wanted to use many of the papers she sent me and I will! I’m not marrying one line! I do sell TAC and you will always see things done with TAC products, but I want my readers to read me because they like what I use. I don’t want you to feel like I’m trying to sell you something.

And just now that I uploaded the pic I notice that it's year is incorrect. lol.

And just now that I uploaded the pic I notice that it's year is incorrect. lol.

Back to the topic or I’ll miss. lol. I know the pics are not the best but you might see that right here I cut two pics to make the equivalent of one 4X6. Since both were taken in the same location and the same day I just used a piece of cardstock of 4X6 and adhered my pics of 4X3 together. I cut that circle with the bottom of my over 100 gel pens plastic can and my craft knife. I inked the border in Pallette blue (not sure the color since I grab stuff on the go and use it as I see fit). My images were too big to stamp many of them but I did stamped 2 water horses, 2 stars and one fish in the right side bording my image in a circular way. I then stamped small fishes in the bottom with my cotton white stazon ink. For it to be more noticeable I added some glitter with my stardust glitter gel pen. I added too some lines in the stars in my patterned paper. I added some fishes at the left of the pic to add interest. NOW I would like for you all to suggest a title. The next LO is by day and is pretty nice. I couldn’t resist and did both together. lol.

Please, if you use my sketch, I would love to see what you do!

Thanks for reading,
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Una respuesta to “Scrapbook Sketch #1 circles”

  1. Excellent post. Looking forward to seeing you write more articles about this topic.


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