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My card Kit post #2!!!

Posted by Dianette "Jany" Seda en 9 enero 2009

I’m making some changes that I hope you like! From February I will not only share MY cards, I will share 4 other ladies cards and their takes in my weekly sketches. So you can meet the girls, check them out!

Karin – she is from Holland and you might have heard about her from time to time since she’s the wonderful hostess of more than one of the challenge blogs I participate in, as design team and as contestant. I just love all her creations.

Jill – she is from United Kingdom. I got to her blog by reference this time. I’ve been in her blog a few times but this time I wanted people who would enjoy being part of my team. They know who refered each other to me. I will keep that a secret to my readers. I did a see through her blog and after awwwing over her creations I contacted her.

Linda – I’ve met her before, online. She sent me a gorgeous birthday card and after she was refered to me I thought she wouldn’t accept. lol. Silly me! Her work is just stunning! And her birthday card arrived just in time from my special day (online friends did it even more special!) ALL THE WAY FROM UNITED KINGDOM!  I never thought I would have the chance to actually work (yes, having her designing a card with TAC products is like working for me [just for goodies and no pay]) and I feel really honoured.

Mada – is a wonderful girl from Romania. I know her from the first swap blog (run by Karin) and we’ve exchanged our creations. Her work is beautiful too and I admire the land she lives in. It’s a place rich of lengends, myths and history. I never thought of actually having someone like her in comunication with me.

All these wonderful and talented women are working in having you beautiful cards to admire all over the net. I hope you appreciate their work as much as I do and that you all visit them in their blogs to say hi.

Now, let’s start with this post. Sorry if it is TOO LONG! I know most of the time I do write too much. lol.

Here are this week's cards

Here are this week's cards

As you might notice. This time I included another of the items in the goodies list RIBBON. Well, that is because this time I want to show you how I changed drastically the look of one sketch by adding and moving. First time I showed you simple cards. Even while layering them, I didn’t add any technique or embellishment too fancy if any.

Fifth card from the simple cards.

Fifth card from the simple cards.

Now I’m showing you the one I hated and sice I didn’t came up with anything else, I ended showing it now. I think I hate that specific sketch but I haven’t yet come up with anything else.

Let’s get into the sketches and a one-on-one comparison that will finish next week. The week after I’ll show you a project with my left-overs.


This is how my original sketch looked like when I did it. As for the images I liked it much better by rotating it (actually I did all the sketches before choosing the images and I did them all portrait and none landscape). Since I lost the original file I found a way to make them look better for my blog. Yay!

Here are the two cards done following it.

Cards with sketch 1

I think you can actually appreciate it here. One too simple LO and another more embellished one. I don’t know which one I like better actually. lol. It all depends in my mood. Or I’m too attached to the cat in me that I can’t see a cat ugly even in a card. lol.

The individual cards are here…

Batch 1 Card 1


Sixth card of my first kit

Sixth card of my first kit

You can see here I stamped the sentiment (yes I divided the stamp) in the ribbon with Palette Burnt Umber

You can see here I stamped the sentiment (yes I divided the stamp) in the ribbon with Palette Burnt Umber

I don’t think that those pictures need any extra explanation. So, here goes the second sketch.



Here are the two cards done with the sketch #2 of this kit

Here are the two cards done with the sketch #2 of this kit

Here is NO stamping!!!! I couldn’t get myself to cover that beautiful paper. So, I used the patterned paper as focus point in my card. Notice how I substituted the circle for another tag and then added embellies. Notice too how I altered my card to have extras. Here are both alone so you can appreciate them better.

The first card I did with the sketch.

The first card I did with the sketch.

Here's the second card done with sketch 2 and with another interpretation entirely different!

Here's the second card done with sketch 2 and with another interpretation entirely different!

Now you know why do I preffer to pre-schedule. lol. I spent almost 7 hours working this post. And let me tell you that most of it was trying to finish it up since my boss arrived.  Please, don’t be so hard on me if you notice that something was prescheduled. lol.



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