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Cards in a flash – ATC for kids

Posted by Dianette "Jany" Seda en 11 enero 2009

A friend and sbs5 sister, Pat Adam is working in a good cause in a hospital for kids. Thing is that she’ve done a few donations of things for kids (handcrafted) and she was asked recently to come up with 1,000 cards. Here you can read about her cards 4 kids challenge. Well, all over the net readers are helping her reach her goal and there are plenty of blog candy to grab for this cause as well. I decided I would do a batch of cards and I wanted to be a very good girl and send out a few cards instead of one. What a better way than feature it here too!!!! Now, here I am!!!!

If you would like to help Pat, take your crafty things and even scraps and work with me for this good cause!!!!

Before getting started, let me tell you what ATC means. Those are the letters for Artist Trading Cards and you can find all the details about it here. They are sized 2.5 X 3.5 inches. There are even guides of how to cut your 8.5 X 11 cardstock to make this. Well, here are the patterns for you to use if you would like. I used both sizes and I even cut more than needed for some unknown reason from one size so I needed to do more. You’ll see me doing more than one batch of ATC cards. It might not take me only an hour but we’ll see the results!

**I’m writing this between creative breaks. lol. My brain today is high motion and I need to slow it down from time to time so I can think. lol.

This is how you might cut your 8.5 X 11 cardstock to get 10 ATC cards.

This is how you might cut your 8.5 X 11 cardstock to get 10 ATC cards.

Guide to know how to obtain 14 ATC cards from a 12X12 cardstock

Guide to know how to obtain 14 ATC cards from a 12X12 cardstock


1. Cut all your card bases 2.5 X 3.5. Cut a mat (I wanted Mimi designer paper for mine) 2.25 X 3.25. Cut a mat in 2 X 3 for the images and sentiment (if that is what you want to include). Cut a back (for messaging if you would like) 2.25 X 3.25. I wanted parents to be able to actually write something for the children back there.


2. I distressed the borders of my back matting, stamped a bee and then wrote the To and from.


3. Mat your back and Front patterned paper. Have it ready to apply the main image.

4. Stamp the main image and then the sentiment.


5. Color (this took me a little over one full movie and a small chat (30 minutes) on the phone while doing this and the next step. I mixed both so I felt like I had something finished. Lol.

6. Adhere to your card.


7. Add stickles and other embellishments. I will add after I post this post (oops sorry for the repetitive word) and go eat something, some shimmerz in both sides of the cards. And they are all ready to send out! I’ll add shimmerz in some of the roses and in the bees in the back.

You’re done! Here are mine. Hope you like them and that you’re able to participate. Did you did some ATC following this post? Then I’ll be happy to see your creation! Please, share with me through Mr. Linky!


6 comentarios to “Cards in a flash – ATC for kids”

  1. Stacy said

    What a fun project!

  2. Lay Hoon said

    You are so sweet !!

  3. Pat Adam said

    Jany, the cards are perfect. I’m sure the kids will love them. I “stink”
    those little skunks are just adorable . Thanks for your help. Pat

  4. Ana Rivera said

    Me encanto la idea. Eres tan detallista en tus tutoriales que me encanta seguirlos. Sigue asi que me inspira a crear.
    Un abrazo

  5. I love your ATC’s. These are great and I am glad you put those guides up so I could see how to get the most out of one sheet of paper. I am going to make some of these for my daughter at school and also want to make some for my friends. Thanks for sharing the info.

  6. […] referencia les incluyo la guía de corte que compartí con ustedes en enero cuando creé las tarjetas ATC para niños. Guía de corte para obtener 14 tarjetas ATC de un cardstock 12 X 12. Guide to know how to obtain 14 […]


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